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kelly patterson

Kelly is an experienced Marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. She is skilled in Relationship Marketing, Event Planning, Content Management & Strategy, and Strategic Campaign Building.

A Northern gal who crossed the Mason-Dixon line to relocate to Charlotte in 1998. A little bit of Yankee and a little bit of Y’all ;) After a working in the airline travel industry, Kelly pursued her dreams of starting a family and owning a brick and mortar stationery store in Fort Mill, SC. As her family grew, so did the marketing industry with

e-commerce websites and social media. Kelly established an

e-commerce website for her store, and mastered digital marketing and social media one platform at a time.

Kelly and her husband chose Fort Mill to raise their family. They love the ever-growing expansion and community feeling of the Fort Mill area, and are passionate about the hidden gems- The Anne Springs Close Greenway, the award-winning public schools, local charities.


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